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Our architectural approach focuses on the continual quest for harmony between the innovative architectural design, aesthetic quality of the generated space – as a whole – and response to local environmental issues.

Space excites our senses in proportion to our developed ability of perception. Its existence is the result of a diligent study and programmatic research on the part of the architect – aiming in the original, authentic idea which concentrates on the human being as the epicenter, intriguing its habits, awakening its emotions.

The room is the beginning of architecture. The plan is the gathering of rooms. A societal composition which must come together in a harmonious integrated whole.

As music is a synthesis of sounds expressed with musical instruments and based on notes and principles of harmony, so is architecture synthesis of balanced spaces given in light and built with various materials based on principles of statics and aesthetics.

The evolution of the design process is based on programmatic demands as well as the available budget in order to meet the client’s needs in a mutually acceptable architectural composition that satisfies both parties vision.

Like the tailor, who will cut and stitch a suit to fit the client body in motion, so will the architect design around the client’s needs in a final harmonious composition.

The client’s involvement plays a crucial role in the outcome of any architectural project. A successful utilized result relies on the creative cooperation between the client and the architect based on mutual respect and understanding.

Zenon A. Zenonos
Curriculum Vitae


Zenon Zenonos / Architect
Alkis Koullis / Associate Architect
Eleni Zenonos / Architect
Gabriel Obolewicz / Architect
Grzegorz Wilk / Architect
Ewa Musialik / Architect
Magdalena Piekarz / Architect
Anna Citak / Architect
Maya Sikorska – Rusin / Painter & Graphic Designer
Irene Michael / Secretary

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e-mail: [email protected] / web: www.zzenon.com